The Director- Consultant Community Physician

This unit is responsible for handling the administrative matters in the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) within limits and according to the regulations of the government of Sri Lanka (GoSL). The staff of this unit is led by the Deputy Director NCCP and the Chief Clerical Officer under the Director NCCP.

Terms of reference

  • To manage the establishment and personal matters for programme staff as required by the regulations of the Ministry of Health.
  • To collaborate with senior management team (SMT) and other relevant authorities in decision making and carrying out of administrative work.
  • To work with other NCCP Units to develop comprehensive and coordinated plans for implementation of the National Strategic Plan and other relevant activities.
  • To coordinate and work in partnership with public, private, civil society organizations, and development partners at local, national and international level.
  • To maintain the provision of administrative service in the National Cancer Control Programme in a quality assured manner.
  • To coordinate with and support institutions within and outside the Ministry of Health in the expansion of appropriate, high quality Cancer Control services.
  • Training and capacity building of staff on administrative service in the National Cancer Control Programme.
  • To supervise and monitor the quality of administrative service in the programme.
  • Provision of partnership to Cancer care hospitals to improve the quality of service.
  • Need assessment and provision of technical assistance for supply and procurement of necessary items or services to the National Cancer Control Programme.


  • Overall supervision of duties of DOs, HMAs and minor staff.
  • Handling and maintenance of petty cash register.
  • Attending to matters relating to audit queries.
  • Preparation of duty lists.
  • Attending to important letters related to the institution.
  • Supervision of all attendance registers.
  • Attending to letters received daily to the institution.
  • Establishment matters not coming under PMAs.
  • Handling personal files of all staff and general files of all categories.
  • Handling and maintenance of inventory & general stores.
  • Duties related to attendance and leave of all staff.
  • Maintenance of all circulars.
  • Maintenance & repairs of buildings and machinery, including follow up of service agreements.
  • Maintenance of unserviceable stores.
  • Handling all duties regarding annual stock verification.
  • Duties related to elections.
  • Handling and preparation of casual salaries, festival advance, extra duty, overtime, traveling vouchers and 1/20& 1/30 payments for all staff,
  • Issuance of official vehicles.
  • Handling and maintenance of outsource facilities such as telephone, electricity, water, gas, blood testing etc.
  • Handling of railway warrants and season tickets.
  • Handling of Medical Officer's Library.
  • Attending to secretarial work for the Director.
  • Procurement of equipment, material & services for the institution.
  • Handling all matters regarding vehicles belonged to the institution including repairs and maintenance.